Would you consider using reusable menstrual products?

I have been researching reusable menstrual products lately. Mostly I've been looking into reusable pads.
I was reading the FAQ on one of the websites that sells reusable pads (gladrags.com) and they were explaining why using reusable pads is not only great for your body but also incredibly helpful to our world. Here's how:
"If you menstruate 340 times in your lifetime, using 20 disposables per period, that amounts to 6800 pads or tampons thrown away. Now consider all the women using disposables in the world. If 500 million women use disposables throughout their lifetime, that's 3.4 trillion pads or tampons thrown away! Not only is landfill space taken up, but these materials cannot be reused and are no longer part of the resources available to us.

Then, of course, there's all that packaging, (wrappers, boxes, applicators) that are also thrown away, all the garbage bags used, all the diesel fuel used to truck those products to the stores week in and week out.  Using GladRags for even a portion of your cycle makes a difference!"

Don't get me wrong, I still use disposable menstrual products regularly, but after reading this I'm going to try to switch over to reusable products. 

What about you? Would you ever consider using reusable pads?

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