Funk in the marriage

My husband and I are newlyweds...our anniversary is in June. We are high school sweethearts & I love him to the moon and back. But I have been through a lot in my own life personally...I have lost a lot of loved ones and friends in the past 10 years including my brother, my grandma, and my father. I've been suffering with severe depression for years and have been on and switched between 4 or 5 different meds, have seen a therapist, but as of the last year I have not been able to see a therapist due to gonances and stopped taking meds...because of the meds I no longer have a sex drive and it is making our relationship difficult because I never feel like or want to have sex...whenever he brings it up I tend to say things like I don't feel good, I just ate, I'm too tired etc. we haven't really been able to connect lately. I had so much doubt in our relationship that when I went to a high school band competition I ran into an old fling of mine and we ended up makin out, that attention and the way the tension felt between us was exhilarating, I haven't felt that way about my husband for a while now. He knows what happened and we have worked through it but there is still no... I don't know excitement? We are seriously complete opposites, I'm the outgoing one and he is the introvert. Ugh, I could use some advice...we love each other but we don't know how to go about rebuilding our relationship. We both work, I go to school full time and we have a dog :) help? 😕