I hate my baby's name!

Okay, no judgements please. Just supportive suggestions. 
So my husband is Italian and will only name our boy (if that's the gender - we don't know yet) after his father, Salvatore. I knew this going into our marriage but always said I'd be calling him by his Canadian name, Sam (I call him Sammy instead of Dad). My husband didn't mind until a cpl weeks ago and is now very mad about it. Says if we have a girl, he won't call her by her name at all and will call her after his mom. I know what he is really telling me is that this is important to him and wants me to respect his desires but I honestly do not like that name whatsoever! (I'm sorry if this offends anyone) What do I do? I suggested using his middle name to be called but hubby doesn't like that either. Help!