I'm tired

I'm fed up with how my mother treats me and my boyfriend. She says since she owns the house she can act how ever she wants. I am not one to take anyone's maltreatment. I'm fed up with her telling my bf off when ever he speaks. Today he asked her if she can pass him a condiment, so he can finish off a potato that he's putting in the toaster oven. He was no where near her the toaster oven is on top of the counter where people sit to eat.   She went off about people invading her space in the kitchen while she's cooking. She started slamming stuff and then when I called her out about it she victimized herself then said she owned the house why is he invading her space. Then when she cleared the kitchen and said she wasn't cooking anymore, I went and started cooking because I was hungry. She comes back and slams the container full of fish into the refrigerator. I turn around and I explode asking her what the hell is wrong with her. That's not the way to act. I told her we are humans and we have feelings too. You don't treat people that way. My bf is living here because he has no where else to go and I offered him a home until he gets back on his feet. My bf isn't a bad person, he doesn't drink/smoke/do drugs. He's going to school and he finally got a good job and hopefully can afford a place of his own. He helps around the house as well. He cooks and cleans.