Whys he like this??

Pip • Pregnant with a little boy • c-section is booked for 4th July 2016 at 8am ✨
Ok, so me and my partner are very in love and happy but I'm just annoyed about one thing, he doesn't ever want to let me go out (like going on nights out with the girls) me and him met on a night out and i was very crazy and flirtatious but that was because I was single and enjoying myself. However I think he believes I'll be like that because that's how he saw me. He says he trusts me but obviously doesn't. If I went out he'd make me feel bad or he'd go out to 'be even' what should I do? I would love to go out with my girlfriends this month but I don't want to cause unneeded drama.. He's a very jealous person and is very protective over me and guys can't even look at me without him getting angry at them and I can't mention guys ever! Please ladies give me some advice.