Bad feelings!

Lori • 9 weeks pregnant , boyfriend left me going through a rough time :(
Ok my partner went out last night, I dontt know where to, I know he was with one of his mates and was supposed too be meeting another mate later on, but I don't know if they went and saw the other friend, I had a dream last night that he came home, and I found out he cheated on me, in the dream I got angry well because he cheated on me but because he didn't tell me, I found out myself, now it's running through my mind like crazy, what if he cheated on me how I will react or anything iv got such a horrible feeling. And it's 11am, and I haven't herd from him yet. Bring 4w6d pregnant and trying to quit smoking , and I'm smoking like a chimney this morning because I'm so stressed and worried that he has cheated on me!!!!!