Judgment for homeschoolers

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Yup I'm pmsing again 😁 hence my controversial subject.

I spent all my growing up years being homeschooled. It was amazing. I have a well rounded education. I am so sick of the junk that people say. My whole growing up years, people would say "oh, public school is better. Okay let me test you". Then the person would throw a horde of random questions at me. They would never be happy that I got the questions right. There were also the idiots who would say that and then ask me what 2+2 was when I was in like grade 6. I would say the only part of my life that was hard homeschooling was the offended adults. I would not be the person I am today if I had gone to regular school. I did 1 course in highschool at a regular highschool. I just wanted to see how it was. People really romanticize highschool because all I saw was a bunch of kids that were beaten down and treated bad by teachers.

If you have any questions to send at me. As a k-12 homeschooler, I would happily enlighten you.