Hashimotos thyroititis


Hello everyone ,

I got my TSH and thyroid antibodies checked in march and my TSH was 3.1 thyroid antibodies were 3 . Both were slightly elevated for optimal chances of conception. My doctor put me on 37.5mcg of levothyroxine . My thyroid was check again in 6 weeks and TSH was perfect 1.25 but antibodies were still elevated and were at 2.7. Antibodies should be under 0.9 ideally . I did have a chemical pregnancy in May 2016 and have been trying to conceive again since then . My Doctor recommended intralipid infiltration to me to lower antibodies and said levothryoixine doesn't help much with them .

Has any body had a similar condition trying to conceive ?

I know my antibodies are not too bad , should I already consider treatment for this or just try to manage it with diet ?

Are intralipids helpful ? Any side effects ?

Does gluten free diet and selenium really help reduce antibodies