Ultrasound help!


So I went in for my 13 week ultrasound (13w5d) and was told by my Dr. (Not an ultrasound tech) that we were having a boy. This is our first pregnancy, so I've never seen baby parts on an ultrasound screen. But I did notice the baby's legs were kind of curled up underneath him/her and we couldn't get a good view of the sex. Towards the end of the scan,

my dr. Said he saw something and then said he had gotten a clear view of a penis. The picture below is the "money shot" as he called it. My husband and I got to looking at the printout and it looks more like a foot, with toes, like what we had been seeing as the dr. Was moving the wand around. (We have another printout of the foot/leg, so proportionally it is the same size as the foot) Is there still a chance he could be wrong or is this for sure a baby boy? I know it's early, and we will go back in a month for a more conclusive scan, but the suspense is killing me!