I'm doing it!!!! And so far all is good


Wow, this is it, this is the moment I've been so nervous about. Baby girl will be 2 months on the 12th and we haven't really gotten out much because I've been so nervous about breastfeeding in public. When we have gone out I've nursed her in the car if I had too. Well today I had to come to sams to get my tires changed..... and it has been an absolute bumble! But they are getting them on now. Anyway we have been here now for 45 min so far, I got my son a piece of pizza, but baby girl needed to eat too. My adrenaline and anxiety went skyrocketing and I looked around for the best place to feed her...... I was not going to the bathroom. Found a bench by the pharmacy, pulled out my cover and parked the cart in front of me. I'm doing it! My modesty and fear can take a back seat to feeding my hungry baby. So far no one has even looked this way, my mind is at ease and I am proud of myself. I know to some this seems silly, some of y'all are awesome and just feed baby out and about no cover no problem and I am jealous. But for me, this was a big step, a mommy milestone :) thanks for letting me share my excitement!