I'm thinking of sharing this post to my family and friends on Facebook. I need to know if anyone thinks it's ok. I feel alone in all of this besides my husband and feel like I'm bottling in a murder or something..


"Suffering is a natural consequence of being human, but suffering alone is inhumane. There is an immeasurable amount of loss in this world that people endure daily; this loss comes in so many different forms and manifests itself through many unique emotions. I do not feel as though anyone’s loss should be hidden or trivialized in its nature. If it creates a strong reaction in an individual, than it must mean something. I encourage anyone experiencing any form of suffering to reach out to someone, anyone. No one should chastise you for expressing pain. No one will perceive you as weak. In my opinion, those that reach out are stronger than those who hide. I am so very tired of hiding. I am not ashamed. There are over seven million women in the United States experiencing this same experience – some of them struggling silently and lately, I have been asking myself why. Choose to reach out." And so I am.

Rodney and I have been trying to have a baby of our own for 2 years now..yes, we were trying before we got married. Yes, we have tried many different things..myths and all. Yes we have seen a doctor, who has diagnosed us with unexplained infertility. It's unexplained because our tests have all came back perfectly normal yet we've had no success in 2 years. We have a very small percentage rate of conceiving on our own without treatments, which happens to be very costly. We aren't giving up though. I have told less than a handful of people about what we are going through..because I felt embarrassed..and afraid of peoples reactions..I avoided saying anything as if telling anyone that we have been trying will lessen the surprise if and when we do have good news..but I've decided that keeping it bottled in isn't helping my sanity..it's causing me stress by hiding how sad I really am..and stress is bad for trying to conceive. Most days I'm fine, but people need to understand that I have bad days.. and especially once a month where I just need to be by myself. A lot of people don't really know how to react so they stick to the typical "it'll happen", "stop worrying about it", "if it's meant to be, it will be" because they aren't sure what to say. Please don't avoid telling me you're pregnant or if someone I know is pregnant, invite me to baby showers and all that. I'm still human and am happy to hear good news. Maybe I shouldn't be spreading our business on social media but at the same time, we are constantly updated with our friends’ breakfast updates,selfies, and vacation plans..are we supposed to choke down the superficial, and back away when updates get too real? I'm saying all of this to get it off of my chest..people ask when we are having kids and it hurts every time. Now maybe they'll understand why we haven't yet