I totally paid for assuming last night 😟

My son is just over 4 wks old, by the end of his second week had fairly consistent night schedule. He may end up an hour off or surprise me and sleep a bit longer, but usually its the same. Well last night he got me good. His last nursing session was around 10, so I just put him in his lounge chair since I wasn't ready for bed and he would be up around midnight anyway. He fussed around 11ish so I picked him up and he went right back to sleep. Ok, cool. We'll just sit and cuddle. Ya. We cuddle until 12:30 or so and he was still out like a light. Back to the lounger, he'll be up soon. Ha!! Try pushing 2am he finally woke to nurse!! I got caught up in surfing the internet, FB, Instagram and so on so I didn't pay attention to the time. We finally went to bed around 2:30 and then he was up at 4ish and then 6ish. By the time I woke up around 8 I had a good headache going on and a sore neck. Great. My daughter had meet and greet with her 1st grade teacher today, we all needed showers/baths...lovely day. If I didn't love my Little Bear so much I would be so ticked! LOL Tomorrow is my daughters first day of school and will be my first full day back to work. So tonight, every one is going to bed as soon as he's done with his 9ish nursing session, no matter what!!