hussle ladies

two years ago I was homeless, divorced, i dug though trash simply to find my next meal, I had $7.86 to my name, I lost my job, I almost lost my child to the system, and a bad problem with addiction. Today I am sitting here telling y'all my story to give hope to anyone who is struggling. I decided for my child's sake i needed to get my life together. I started with saving every penny I could, then got a shitty ass job(this story isn't Cinderellas). I worked my ass off there till I was able to afford a room for rent. I soon realized I couldn't live off this pay so I took a job in construction. I worked like a dog all day and rarely saw my child during this time and had to pay a friend to keep him but I was able to feed him, clothes him, and put a roof over his head on my own. I later was picked up for a higher position and was able to afford rent(I was so proud of that little shack I called home). With hard work I received a promotion shortly after. at this point I had been clean for a Year and cps closed my case! But it wasn't enough I continued to hussle and found my way to the top of my field. Today I am the only female in the company to do what I do and make six figures a year. I own a waterfront property, a car, a dog, and my son is able to live comfortably without knowing the pains of hungar. I have been blessed but not because I waited for something to happen but because I did something! I encourage all you ladies no matter what you are going through or how tough it is work your ass off and you will accomplish everything you set out to!