When shaving becomes an issue lol.

Pamela • Son Patrick 3/6/06. Chemical pregnancy 11/2016. Baby girl/boy twins Liliana and Alexander 11/7/17

As if shaving with one baby isn't hard enough, I am currently 6 months with twins. At least with my first I had a shower/tub combo and would use that but in this house I have a stand up and separate jacuzzi tub that is super deep. Not only is it summer time but we now live in Florida and go to the doctors every two weeks so shaving is very important to me. I was joking with my husband about how hard it's been to shave and I'm afraid of falling so maybe I need one of those chairs that his grandma had before she passed away. Well last night he put this bad boy together and let me tell you.... it's a complete game changer lol. It's definitely worth the $60 on Amazon but now I wonder if I could have gotten one through my insurance lol.