Boyfriend appreciation post

I've had an eating disorder since I was 11 (now 23) and I recently relapsed.

Last night I was with my boyfriend. I was sitting in my bed and I wasn't feeling good so I tried sneakily taking a few laxatives.

I wasn't as sneaky as I thought I was.

He immediately jumped on top of me, took the laxatives away from me, and held me as I cried for a while and waited for him to yell at me.

I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship before him and was always getting yelled at because of my eating disorder and that is what I am use to.

While I was still crying, he removed all of the pills and put one on my windowsill, took me to the bathroom, and flushed them all. He kept on of them and put it on my windowsill where he can see it whenever he is over and told me to save it for a really bad day, but I needed to promise him I won't get anymore after I take that one.

I'm not use to having someone that can calm me down so well and is so helpful. Not just about this stuff but just in general. I love him and I'm so happy I found him.