Not living together but splitting bills....

My boyfriend and I have very different views On money and finances. He insists he is right and I think I'm right too! So here it goes.. 
I live  with my parents and my boyfriend lives at his parents guesthouse, where he pays rent. So naturally we hang out at his place due to being able to have more privacy. Yes I would be there everyday and spend the night there most nights .. So because of this he expects me to pay half rent and bills.. But will be hesitant to me moving in officially.. I don't think it's fair since it's really not my place. I still have all my stuff at my parents house, and when he wants to have a boys night he expects me to leave.. This past winter I was on my last semester so I was going to school full time . I was a promo model part time and barely made money off of that. I would use it for gas and phone bill and he still expected me to help him. I finally graduated and have a real job now but I still don't think that because I make more money now I should give him money for HIS bills. The only thing I agree with is buying groceries and I will do that.. But his rent? And bills? I feel like I have to buy his time.. We have broken up about this several times .. This past weekend he planned a surprise trip for me and took me skydiving.. He said the trip was on him, but asked me if I could help with one of the nights fees.. And he kept asking for little things here and there (ice cream, snacks ) .. A day after he broke up with me . He said the main reason was that he felt I was reluctant to help on the trip.. 
I feel like this is so stupid. We love each other and I want to marry him. But this money issue is getting out hand and in the way.. Am I wrong?!