s/o & other girls..

so i saw on my fiance's ipad that he has saved down a ton of his female friend's more promiscuous pics, some of them are even in albums (collection). pics of them in tight fitting clothes, at the beach, sitting down while wearing shorts, work out progress pics etc.

some of them are of his ex lovers', some of his friends, even one of his distant cousin. there were a few of mine from before we got tgt.

is it weird that i feel kind of nauseated about this? i know for a fact he doesnt talk to any females or anything and that yes he loves me but i just feel icky knowing that he.. looks at other girls' bodies? hes even in those groups where girls post their cleavage pics to gain likes and followers lol....

he doesnt talk to anyone of the opposite sex though. he says hes just looking, but when i retaliate and say that ill post something sexy too, he feels sad because "those girls are posting it for the public to see, if you post too then you wont be specially mine"

is this jealousy? do i have a right to be upset? idk i mean i know he wont cheat on me but theres just an uncomfortable feeling at the pit of my stomach. and yes i know he sounds like an asshole but bc we come from a very close-minded asian country so feminism still isnt a thing there yet

edit: changed it to fiance bc ive thought about leaving before but i cant bc we're sort of engaged (i mean no ring yet but hes asked and ive said yes and our families are planning wedding)