Condoms are not the devil 🍠👍🏻


If you're having casual sex USE A CONDOM

If you're sleeping with more than one person in a cycle USE A CONDOM

If either of you are cheating USE A CONDOM

If the chance of pregnancy is terrifying USE A CONDOM

Reading many posts on here, you'd think condoms stopped being made after 2010 or something... jeez.

Any 'accidental' pregnancies I've heard of, none involved a condom.

All involved the bc pill either not being remembered, or not being taken correctly. The pregnancies only got picked up several weeks along.

When a condom fails - breaking or slipping - it's obvious. Then there's a chance to take plan b / the morning after pill.

Condoms also protect against STIs. Have people forgotten that?

The point is: Condoms are your friend.