To the man who is willing to step up❤️


I've seriously have to get this off my chest and this is the only place I know to turn to😔

❤️ To the man who raised me❤️

To the man who stepped up and raised me as a child when the man who donated his Sperm to make me a human beat me and watched me get raped and almost drowned but denied it when the cops asked about. To the man who saved my mom for that abusive piece of shit. To the man who accepted my family for who we are. To the man taught me what love is. To the man my daughter call pawpaw. To the man who always holds me when things get rough. To the man who taught me everything I know. To the man who believes I can do anything. To the man who cut my daughters cord. To the man who saved my life in May of 2016. To the man I call my stepdad. To the man who is my hero.

This man has been through hell and back with me and my family. From saving my life to getting the assholes who raped me thrown in jail to cutting my daughters cord because her father wasn't there. I thank him Day in and day out for everything he has ever done for me and my family. I know I still refer to him as my stepdad but that is because growing up he taught me that no matter what wrong my biological father did I needed to forgive him and everyone else. He doesn't want to be called dad because he says no matter what he knows in his heart that he is my dad. I could never ask for anyone better. And that is why I am okay with another man stepping up and calling my daughter his own.

❤️Now this is to the man who accepts my daughter. ❤️

To the man who wakes up all hours of the night to throw on his uniform and go fight fires and save people who are in wrecks. To the man who drives hours just to see me and spend a couple hours with me and arrow. To the man who's got the best personality in the world. To the man who has taught his son that arrow isn't just a girl but she is a girl that he will always defend. To the man who has made me realize not all men are the same. To the man who is stepping up just like my stepdad did.

To this man I pray. I pray that every time you go out on a call you return home safely. I pray that you don't turn your back and walk away. I pray that he way you feel about my daughter is the way you feel about me. I pray that one day you ask to change my name and arrows. I pray that if we do get to settle down we have children of our own. I pray that harrison and arrow can bond together like real brothers and sisters. I pray that everything works out. I know this is crazy but I pray you fall in love with me more every day. I know you've been treated like complete shit by Harrison's mom but I want you to know that I couldn't do that to you. I want to thank you so much for everything you do❤️

❤️Now to my daughter father❤️

To the man who helped me create this beautiful little girl. To the man who fights for America. To the man walked out on me when I was 5 months pregnant. To the man I loved. To the man who is trying to fix a relationship that won't happen. To the man controlled my every move. To the man who said his daughter wasn't his when he first saw her. To the man who says he changed but hasn't. To the man who lies about their life. To The Who use to sit in my floor and play PS4 all day while I worked 3 Jobs from the time I got pregnant to the time you left just so I could support oath of us. To the man who threw an ipad at me when you left. To the man who said he was going to take arrow and run and I would never find her. To the man I call my baby's father.

I want you to know that no matter how bad you hurt me I will always forgive you. No matter how many time you screamed at me I will never keep your daughter from you. No matter what state or country you are I will always keep you updated on your daughter. No matter how bad you say you want to work on our family I know it's just a lie. No matter how much I want to believe you you'll never get me back. No matter how much you say you've changed I know you haven't. No matter what you do I will still thank you for your service. No matter what you are still her father and I will always tell her that but remember the first time you fuck will be the last time. You're not on her birth certificate because you didn't want to be there for her so there is no legal proof she is yours.