Karissa ā€¢ Mommy of a 8 year old little man (6/9/13) and 4 year old little man (9/13/17) šŸ’™šŸ’™ RIP My Angel 9/23/2020šŸ‘¼..... Boy #3 due June 2022!

RANT***So my son is due in 4 weeks or less and I still don't have a place for him to sleep. I wanna go to get a pack n play for him to sleep in but of course I want hubby to be involved so I wait for his days off to do stuff and when the time comes he is just not interested. I tell him the plans days before and he is fine with it and then the time comes he acts like he didn't know and he's like " why do you wanna go spend more money, he's not due for another month". This is what he said to me today when I wanted us to go do these things. He said he only cares about the baby being here and that's it. I told him that we need to have somewhere for him to sleep and that he could come before his due date. He just got mad and thinks I just wanna spend money irrationally. Anytime I wanna do anything that involves the baby, he's not interested. He actually told me to do it by myself and it's frustrating because I wait for his days off so that I can include him in everything. I'm so pissed I could cry. I just wanna be prepared and he acts like all I wanna do is spend money. Idk what to say or do.