My Lazy Boob Is Suddenly Progressively Engorged!?


So in the beginning it was always my right breast that was a lazy milk maker. The last couple months that switched to my left breast producing less. But all of yesterday my left breast has been more and more engorged no matter how long my son feeds on that side. When feeding it feels like he's trying less on that side and it becomes more stimulated and fuller. Like last night, 3.t hours after he went to sleep I had to pump because my left side was ROCK hard while my right was fine. Yet both side produce almost the same amount of milk in a pumping with some relief. I just finished feeding him on the left and it feels more full then when he started! There's no pain other than the discomfort of being so full on that side. There's no red marks on the breast or white spots on the nipple. Could it still be a clogged duct? The fullness seems to be predominantly on the top left of the breast...???