Frustrated :(

Hi, ladies. Me and my SO were blessed with our first bfp a few days ago. In excitement, I headed to our local ER to get a test to confirm. The doctor had told me he would give me a call if it was negative but my impatient ass called them to find out. Keep in mind this was days ago so i would assume (I apologize if i'm wrong or offend anyone) they would have the results back by now. So I proceed to call only to be told by one women, I couldn't get my results because I wasn't sure of the on call doctors name. So I call back and tell them I do have his license number on a prescription he gave me (His name was not there). The new girl on the phone then tells me they cannot give me my results over the phone. So now I'm a little frustrated. They tell me my family doctor should have the results. So I wait an hour for my doctors office to open and I finally give them a call only to find out THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE RESULTS! So now I'm more then frustrated. I then decided to give prenatal a call and make myself an appointment, informing them that I haven't received the hospitals validation yet. They set up an appointment for me anyways and all is good.

Now I'm waiting over two weeks to be seen by anyone which makes me nervous. I have no idea how far along I am due to my unfortunate irregular periods. The last period I had went from April 27th-May 7th (longest of my life). I know I can't be that far along because I took a test a month or more ago and it was negative. Now I'm confused, scared and just praying my little bean sticks :(

Really just needed to rant a little, my mind is so flustered. If you've read this far, thank you. I appreciate all of you lovely ladies time. Baby dust <3