Tilted uterus... d&c?

Last week I went for my first ob appointment, at 6 weeks 6 days. The ultrasound tech explained that this early would require a transvaginal ultrasound... great. Excited to see my little nugget and hear the heartbeat, my husband and I waited patiently. Nothing. The tech kept commenting on my tilted uterus, which was news to me. my gestational sac was exactly the size it needed to be but nothing was seen within it. The tech said it could simply be the way my uterus is sitting. My doctor however seemed less convinced. I go back tomorrow, 7+4, for another scan. If they don't see anything, my doctor recommended a d and c. Over the past 5 days I have Googled everything I could think of and seen a little hope. Although, I can't help but be terrified to be disappointed again.