Idk what to do (rant)

Katie🐠 • Pro-choice. 6-24-14
I'm so hurt and I'm not sure why. Me and my boyfriends relationship was awesome in the first months. Now ever since I got pregnant nothing is the same. He doesn't even stay with me after we have sex. We fight over little things. Ever since I got pregnant nothing's been the same. We went to a beautiful national park today and I could barely enjoy it because of the pain of walking. He doesn't sleep with me anymore like actually sleep. And it sucks cause I miss when he would actually hold me. Now he just makes excuses to leave. I feel so upset that I feel like it's my fault that I'm pregnant and he just doesn't want to stay with me anymore. This pregnancy wasn't planned. Idk what to do I feel so upset...we've been together for a year