Robyn • I am a mommy to two beautiful girls, one little girl in heaven who is forever two months old and a little boy who has a rare congenital heart defect called HLHS. He has had 3 open heart surgeries so far.
So WEDNESDAY I start testing for LH surge. I bought first response ovulation tests recommended by my doctor. Is there any advice on how to do them? What time of day is most accurate? I have used opk's before but the brand you buy online. These tests say I can test by running in pee stream or by dipping in a cup full.. Which would be best? I am nervous. I go in Friday for ultrasound to see if I have ovulated since I did a round of femara. My hubby will be gone Thursday until Friday evening ( cd 12 and 13) so we will be doing the dance wednesday regardless of if I ovulate or not just to be sure. Ugh. So nervous