So freaking sad

I'm so depressed because of this infertility/pcos the other day I played a April fools joke that back fired on me where I sent my husband a picture of a positive pregnancy test (just to make light of my situation)... In which he didn't believe to be true (because he knew I would have called him instead of text) but after he replied and stated that he wish it wasn't an April fools prank😢 of coarse that made me feel like garbage.... then today while at the laundry mat and we saw an old friend and her baby... the baby was running around and looking so cute I caught my husband smiling at her.... and I couldn't help but feel like this is something that I can't give to him.... I'm dieing inside because I have friends around me that are getting pregnant regretting the fact that they are even pregnant ... and he I am tiring too and not.... Not to mention that my siblings all have children except for me and my youngest sister and they always ask when are you and your hubby gonna finally have kidz.... my pcos and infertility is not something that I speak to them about regularly... I feel like it's an insecurity of mine and I don't discuss with a lot of people I mean seriously I'm even posting this anonymously but I am screaming inside 😭 I just want to ball over and cry to me honest I even thought of letting my husband leave me because I I feel like I can't give him a child. I just wanted/needed to vent.😧

Signed a distressed PCOSer