Opinions on boyfriend's female friend

I want to start this off by saying that I do not believe in regulating who my boyfriend can and cannot speak to, be it male or female. However, I don't particularly enjoy being disrespected by other people, especially my boyfriend's friends, especially when I haven't even done anything to them to garner that negativity. So story is: 
My bf and I go to the same university, he is super into fitness and I was not. He made friends with one of the female personal trainers at the gym, ok cool that's fine, gets him off my back trying to get me to work out with him now that he has someone to lift with. However, they quickly moved from being lifting buddies to besties and hanging out all the time. (I should also mention that the bf and I were broken up at the time for a few months due to some personal problems we both had to work on. The girl has a boyfriend, he graduated already though so it is an LDR). My boyfriend (ex at the time) and I were still good friends and lived together (complicated I know). I met the girl one time  at a or test since we are both in the army. Didn't talk at all about boyfriend/ex, just made a few jokes about my car and some other stuff I can't remember and she laughed. No long conversation, no formal introduction, just 5 minutes of small talk. Later I tell my bf/ex that I met her and she seems nice and I apologize for being a little bitchy about her initially. He then says that she already texted him that she "saw his ex" and that I'm "too skinny. Do you want me to make her a meal plan?" So I throw my nice compliment out the window and I straight up don't like this girl now. My weight has always been something I've been self conscious off and I was in the process of trying to embrace my natural body because I knew if I just started working out to change my physical appearance because I didn't like it then I would never be happy with how I looked now matter how much I changed. 
Fast forward a few months and we're home for the summer and back together after an incident that kind of flipped the switch for him and made him realize how he wasn't treating me right and that he would regret it for the rest of his life if he let me slip away. There's been no communication with this girl besides them watching each other's Snapchat stories. She's still got her boyfriend. I've started working out because after that whole thing meeting her I realized the way I defended myself meant I was happy with my body and a new fire was lit within me to totally smack everyone in the face who made fun of my size. I've put on about 5 pounds of muscle and competed in a bikini division at a fitness show placing top 5. The girl texted my boyfriend out of the blue, I'm pretty much over being mad at her now so I don't really care. They have a friendly conversation, she asks how I am, my bf launches into a bunch of texts, one of them about how I did the comp. she sends back like 5 texts all "what" "no way" "send pictures" etc. he sent back one picture I had taken backstage which a caption "she placed top 5" and she send back "wtf what federation? she's so fucking skinny though, must have been top 5 out of 5." Like BIIITCH!!! My boyfriend did defend me a bit saying that I was always really lean so it wasn't like I needed to cut down so I had good definition. The conversation moved on into more pleasant stuff when she asked if we were back together and he said yes and she said she knew we would because he liked me too much. (Btw I didn't snoop, he showed me the whole conversation on his phone). But I'm still put off by this. I think what she said is very disrespectful especially since I've done absolutely nothing to her. Am I right to get upset by this? Should I do something about it or just let it go because she moved across the country and it's not like he will see her again and they haven't even spoken in like 2 months until those texts.
And just for reference this was taken a week after my comp. I know I'm still on the thin side but like god damn she acts like my thinness is a physical attack on her or something 😒