Pregnant and feeling pudgy. Needing encouragement!

Hey all! Im 12 weeks pregnant and feeling super down about how I look. I don't really have bump yet but I've developed a belly roll, back fat, and more unsightly things. Pre-pregnancy I was super fit and toned and muscular. Basically a health nut with LOTS of working out and eating well. Now, I bloat like crazy and feel hungry all the time.

Currently eating healthy about 85% of the time and exercising most days but much less intense.

I've had multiple issues with subchorionic hemorrhage and that has been super stressful.

I really thought I'd enjoy growing a belly and being a fit mom....but I just feel like a chubby Rollie-pollie who is getting chunkier by the second!!

I want to feel happier. My husband and I went through SO much to even get pregnant. I want to enjoy this experience not hate myself for how I look.

Any tips, advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!