help me!! i cant stand it!

ok so this morning my sister called... we was just talking cause she was "bored" nothing dumb but just a regular convo. My husband got mad. idk why he always gets mad whenever i talk to any if my family members. He tells me "Because they treat you like shit" or "they talk shit bout us" or "Your a slut if you talk to them SLUUUUT. you fucking hoe" oORRRRR "they dont even fucking like you & you talk to them?" it makes me upset. i love my family especially my two little sisters. the one i was on the phone with is 17. Ive always was close to her even if we fought alot. My husband knows my brother (HE AINT MY BROTHER NO MORE HES DEAD TO ME & MY DAD & MY SISTER) he had molested & rape her my 17 yr old sister since she was 7 YEARS old. we did not find out about this until she was at least 13 yrs old & thats the last time he ever touched her! because of it i grew more closer to my baby sister. ive never left her side no matter when she gets all these trauma. because i knew how it felt. it aint easy to carry that such thing. its more sad cause it Came from someone who shouldve protected you. & that you could run to when your in danger. but he was dangreous... anyways

i havent made any remarks about when he talks to his sisters! i dont even care because ita family. whats insane is that His sisters ALWAYS had disrespected me! & also talked shit bout me. they "faked" liking me cause of my husband. WHICH idc if they like me or not but its crazy! cause he never once backed me up! they talked full on shit about me post stuffs etc it could go on! they even told me "I WISH HE NEVER GOT MARRIED TO YOU! YOUR FUCKING FAT AND UGLY! YOUR BABIES GONNA LOOK LIKE THOSE KOREAN FAT BABIES AND WONT EVER LOSE WEIGHT HE SHOULDVE STICK WITH NATALIA" i just laughed and told my husband. HE SAID "shit i aint want babies from you now lol" like tf really? i said " can you like tell them at least stop cause its really offensive and hurtful. " he said "Uour big get tough bitch *slaps my face* TOUGHEN UP YOU STUPID CUNT" i just laugh again. when i laugh its either im sad/happy or angry. but i was angry/sad. he always talks to siblings even when they disrespect me or anything. i dont get upset about im just upset hes never backed me up. and when i talk to my family its like ww3! full on abusive ' . his mom told me "Your family toxic my family got a job, and keep our house nice your family fucking retarded" i swear if my father ever heard all these he wouldve bust a door open! we take these kind of stuffs seriously. yes my family toxic. so is his family. but my family been thru so much. & my father trying so hard to keep the house in order & keep his family stable. yeah my husband went thru things but not as worse as we did. growing up we didnt have anything at all really. were we at rn was Gods grace. he moved us to a better home & better water & actual eletric. all of our siblings wasnt really home most of them was already in a new place or living w my aunties and uncles cause of it it really destoryed our family. he really doesnt understand! even if i just walk out my room w out him knowing or w out him he says "im cheating" i cant do this!