Baby girl still cries a lot


So my baby girl will be 3 months in a few days. She still cries, what I feel to be, an awful lot. If we're just hanging out she usually isn't happy. She likes to "stand" and look around most. I can't put her down for longer than max ten minutes, and that's in her playgym. If I try to take a shower she'll usually scream through it.

However, she sleeps 7 hours at a time (7pm-3am) and goes right back to sleep for another four. She has better days than others. If I put her in a stroller, she falls asleep and stays asleep as long as she's being pushed. She also smiles pretty easily and especially when I say 'I love you.'

It's just disheartening to her father and me. We feel like we're not doing something for her. We want a happy baby😕

Anyone else in this boat? Any words of encouragement?