13 months trying to conceive


My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 13 months. Every month I would swear I felt different and that i was sure I was pregnant! This past month I decided to just relax and try not to point out everything that felt off. My boobs were sore like crazy! They were sore all the other past months but this month was different. I had random heartburn but not very noticeable. And other symptoms that were just like every other month. I was having pretty bad cramps so I thought I was out for sure! I felt like I was going to start any day (still feel that way) and just told myself this month wasn't the one. Today I woke up Cycle day 31, 14 days past ovulation and decided what the heck and took a test. I couldn't even believe my eyes! POSITIVE!!! I couldn't even breathe I was crying so bad. A couple hours later I took a digital expecting it to say negative since I no longer had first morning pee. It came back positive pretty quickly! I can't even believe it! This next period I was supposed to start Clomid. Ladies don't give up! I was starting to loose hope but it finally happened! Currently awaiting my husband to come home so I can tell him❤️