My birth story..


On Friday, August 4th I went to my normal appointment and was told by the doctor that I was around 4-5cm dilated and that she was extremely happy with that and my progress, but I was only 36w4d. Due to me having gestational diabetes, I was scheduled to be induced at 39w so we were hoping to hold out until then, but our little girl had other plans. On Sunday August 6th I was laying down in bed when I felt a gush of fluid so I thought my water had broken, called the on call doctor and headed to l&d.; When we got there I was checked and was at 5cm. A few hours later when I was checked again I was at 6cm dilated. They kept me over night and said that the doctor said I would be induced in the morning. Well, the way my office works they have a different doctor on call each day, so you don't know who's going to end up delivering you until it happens, and the doctor that was on call that day decided that me being at 6cm without my water breaking and having contractions wasn't enough to induce and sent me home. On Tuesday, August 8th, I received a call from my obgyn office saying that they wanted me to come in and have my blood pressure checked and another exam being that I had two high pressures while in l&d; the day before. Luckily the doctor I saw was the one that sent me in on Sunday and when she checked me she had asked if I had been contracting all day and I let her know that it was possible I was but that I had only felt about 3 or 4 of them (Sunday and Monday when I was in l&d; I was contracting but not feeling any of them). Before she had even finished my exam she let me know that I was definitely contracting all day, I was almost 7cm dilated, and that I was going straight back to the hospital to have my baby. Well, 6 hours and two pushes later my precious Zoey Elizabeth was born at 9:52pm on August 8th weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces and 19 inches long. It was a hectic few days leading up to the delivery being sent back and forth, but it was all worth it.