My beautiful, yet scary birth

Obie-One šŸ’™šŸ’‘šŸ‘¶

After patiently waiting for 42w, it was my turn to have my baby. I was so excited and nervous, but all in good faith seeing my contractions started up by themselves without pitocin. It was all so well, until it wasnt. The night before I had the fully bulb inserted, and then my contractions started up. I labored at home for about 5 hours, went in and was at 6cm. I didn't reach 10cm until 12 hours later, and only pushed for 40 minutes. MY BABY WAS FINALLY HERE! They placed him on my chest as they took care of the after birth. Then the problems started. It was the most painful experience, the doctor kept reaching his hand far into my uterus, pulling chunks of bloody tissue from me, over and over. I couldn't help but yell asking if it's going to be over soon. It was far from being over. I needed emergency surgery. My placenta grew into my uterus, meaning they had to put me under and scrape it out, AND they needed to run a cathader through my arteries to block the flow to my uterus to stop the bleeding. I lost 2 LITERS OF BLOOD! After 2 hours of surgery and 30 min of recovery, I finally got back to my room and got to see my baby. I missed on that golden hour sadly, but had my very supportive and loving man be there to do the skin to skin and feed him when I couldnt. My birth was beautiful, yet scary. Something we didn't expect to happen. EMMITT OBADIAH 8POUNDS 9 OUNCES