maybe I just don't trust men

so my husband has this friend, they have been friends even before I came into the picture and I never really cared for him. he is a 40 year guy who let's just say enjoys the single life. from the stories my husband has told me, he is very promiscuous and has been with a lot of women. he just irks me. so we have a 9 year old daughter(she is my stepdaughter) and this guy has a weird relationship with her and it creeps me out. every time he comes over, he brings her gifts and will like hang out alone in her room. she is completely innocent but I just get a weird vibe from him. I have told my husband and he said that his friend just cares about our daughter and he "likes Asian women". I call him quagmire because I get this pervert vibe from him. Hes very sneaky, has like secret bank accounts and stuff that only my husband knows about and has had stuff ordered to my house because he doesn't want his mom, whom he lives wiyh, to find out what he is ordering. one time it was like male enhancement pills for his vacation. I guess what I'm saying is, am I thinking too much I to it? and if I'm not, what am I to do about it? he is my husband's best friend and he gets offended when I say something negative about him