Pethidine advice?


So this will be my 4th time giving birth. All other 3 times I've received an epidural.

The epidural took all the pain away and it was very well relaxing giving birth all 3 times, but I now suffer with horrible severe back pains, each Epidural I got messed me up. I had a baby appointment and you know how the nurse always ask " any problems going on " well I've had enough of the back problems so I said yes is there anything the Doctor can do to take the pain away, (getting up from bed, getting up period, bending over, anything that involves my back being used) and sadly I already knew the answer and was told no, anywho doctor said if I planned on getting a epidural this time again and I said yes and he said everytime I get a epidural the back pain will increase. Especially with all the other kids I'm trying to have lol.

Soooo my point is has anyone got the Pethidine? It's the medicine they give you through the IV....

If so, how was it? Did birth still hurt? Did it take all the pain away? Can you walk? How were your contractions?