Please help ):


I need to know if there are any possibilities of me being pregnant. Please help me!! 😭

First timer on this app so I'm going to be completely honest so you can know where I'm coming from. I spent a weekend with my boyfriend almost a month ago July 22nd and 23rd to be exact we went out got a hotel yada yada yada we had lots of sex and we were drank those 2 days so I can't remember if he cummed in me or not and he didn't tell me whether he did or didn't ( I'm sure he did ). I was expected to get my period July 31st and to this day I'm late. I took a pregnancy test August 13th and it came out negative I'm not sure if I took it too early it's only been about 24 days since I've last had sex. I'm 17 days late, I'm hardly ever late on my period. I've had sensitive nipples lately something I've never experienced, I get hot flashes, headaches, constipation ( has been a huge deal ughhh ) I feel it in my heart that I am, I get moody, my appetite has been changing and I'm just scared and nervous, also very anxious. I'm 17 please don't judge me, I plan on keeping my baby, abortion and adoption are not an option. Please please please help me.