harder than i thought..

i'm 17 and 16 weeks pregnant i just started school and am in my senior year i am pretty open about talking about my pregnancy because i am happy the thing is i didn't realize how hard being in school and being pregnant is. i told a teacher and was very taken back by her comments she made the basic "your life is over, why didn't you use protection" comment. i trusted her and that's why i told her, i have an AP class that i will have to eventually drop and it's a little upsetting because i was looking forward to that class (the nerd in me loves things that are complicated so i can learn) and this baby was planned but not planned at the same time as in yes we were having unprotected sex and knew it could lead to pregnancy but in my mind, very naive mind i thought you know it's not going to happen to me (6 months and nothing ever happened i know very dumb of me) now here i am struggling, my boyfriend/baby daddy is out of school and struggling to find a job, we are both young and are being supported by our family (extremely grateful) but i hate having to ask for things since it is our baby. my parents do not let me drop out of school and my dream is for my dad to see me graduate (im his only child) i don't really know where this is going but i just want to say to all of those young girls trying to get pregnant there's so much more that comes with pregnancy that you can't even imagine, focus on school and beinf financially stable. i do not regret my baby, but maybe being more open to my mom and getting on birth control should of been something i thought of before becoming sexually active..