husband talking to friends about me


He claims I got rude with someone today while we were with his friend. I will admit I was a little unhappy and it probably showed in my voice. Instead of continuing to be unhappy I went to my room and started playing on my computer. when he comes back he is upset with me. turns out he is upset with me because my "attitude" upset his friend and they proceeded to talk about how inappropriate I am. Anyone else's husband gets upset when you upset their friends? Some how it's my fault my 5 seconds of unhappy made his friend not want to come get dinner. Personally I don't think he should have talked about it after I left at least not unless he was defending me which he wasn't. I am a dam good host. I rarely show when I am upset until the company leaves but I show any emotion past happy and I am the probably but only when his friends around. normally he agrees with me and tells me I am right. So frustrating.