Should they have told the gorilla?

Benita • Charley’s favourite child

Ok this is kinda old but it was controversial at the time. Some of you may have heard of Koko the gorilla. If not please YouTube her. It’s really amazing. Koko can communicate using American Sign Language. Not only can she use words but also make creative sentences.

Koko had a mate who could also sign, he died and Koko was heart broken. Then Koko met Robin Williams (the video is also on YouTube). For the first time since her mate died Koko actually was playing and happy and they became friends.

When Robin Williams died her keepers told Koko what happened and she actually cried and was heart broken again after losing her dear friend. Many have criticised them for telling her because they felt there was no need to bring that pain. She wouldn’t have known otherwise. Others say that how would she feel if she felt her friend was no longer visiting her? That is was better she knew the truth. Should they have said or not?

Note: Koko was a rescue gorilla who’s mother abandoned her and she was kept in a zoo before psychologists worked with her. She was not tortured or forced from nature.