Anyone ever had a LEEP done?

Savannah • 23. Married. Girl mom x3

I am 9 weeks and 4 days! I had my first ultrasound yesterday 😍😍 anyways, I had an abnormal Pap back in may of 2016, then I had a colpo done that was abnormal, so then I had the LEEP procedure done in Sept of 2016. So I had my check up Pap in February, and it came back abnormal again. I had moved and got a new doc to do my check up Pap and this new doc didn't want to do anything about it.... so fast forward to now and I'm pregnant and when I go see my OB today she is saying this is not okay, and now I'm getting referred out to a colpo specialist to see if they need to do one? Anyone have experience with having a LEEP and then having a baby??

Added a pic of my little peanut because I'm just so in love 😍