Pregnancy announcement rant


Just a bit of a rant. Just want to see if anyone else can relate.

So I've been telling a few close friends and family that my partner and I are pregnant. We are over the moon about it.

Every single person that I have told has been completely shocked and said "were you trying" or "was it planned" ect ect ect.

Like yes bitch it was so planned! it couldn't be more planned! 6 months of ovulation tests and 6 months of heartbreak every time aunt flow arrived.

(I know 6 months isn't anything compared to some girls on here - I'm not trying to offend anyone)

I'm so offended that everyone is acting so shocked and asking if it was planned. A bit of background. My partner and I are both 26. Both have good full time jobs. We have been together for 11 years and own a house together.

I dont understand why people would even consider asking that question.

I will never (and have never) asked if a pregnancy was planned. Because I know how hard it is to get pregnant. I know the heart ache when it's not your month.

Does anyone else feel this way. Or am I just being dramatic.