Is this an evap line?

Lockwood 💆🏽 • Mom of 4 amazing kiddos and one on the way! 16, 13, 9, 16 months and I’m due with our 5th in March 2020! Totally unplanned but none the less wanted ❤️.

Hi ladies, so as of today, I'm 9 dpo. The urge to test was to great so I ran out and bought some tests. As you can see, the Walmart cheapie. So I took one last night. I checked at 3 minutes in and didn't see anything, this morning I decided to look at it again, and noticed this. Now, I've used these tests many times before and have never seen a line, even the next day. I hope this isn't a silly question but would it be an evap since I didn't see it until about 10 -10.5 hours later?