Am I just being Naive

So, my ex and I have been broken up for a while and we ended with a terrible fight that got a bit physical. I went to jail because the cops got called and I bit him out of self defense but there wasn't any proof that it was self defense because my injuries were internal. We slowly started weaning back into hanging out recently and texting everyday it used to be once every week or two, now we're hanging out almost everyday, staying the night, having sex, I'm cooking, cleaning his house and taking care of his dog. But he keeps saying he'd look like a foolish clown if we got back together. He makes me hide in his room when certain friends come over I feel like I'm doing all these things to get him back & it might make a relationship a possibility again but in all honesty I can't tell if he wants me back or if he just wants me because I take care of him.