Does everyone have a TWW?


I think I may have ovulated later in my cycle. Glow has gone ahead and moved my AF date based on ovulation date.

I get my periods every 26 days like clockwork. I started my period at 15 and was always regular. I'm 32 now and spent probably 5-6 years on bc. After bc, my periods went back to being regular. I've only been TTC 3 months and tracking O one. But surely this can't be the first time in my life I ovulated later in the month. And I've never been a week late like Glow is now predicting.

What do you think? My AF was due on the 21st. Now it's the 28th. If I wasn't tracking my O I would expect AF to arrive on the 21st.

Who do I listen to? Glow or my own instinct? New to all this! Opinions needed!