My body hates me!


I'm beyond frustrated with the fluctuations of my cycle! Based on my previous cycles, they average about 34 days. I was anticipating ovulation later this week, but two out of the three fertility trackers have now predicted that I ovulated on Monday (CD 13 - See Photo) when I ovulated on CD 26 and 25 in the last two months since my M/C. (Glow still predicts this upcoming week. See Photo.) We were not ready for that which is why I'm so frustrated (we had plans to use Pre-Seed). I started OPK on Tuesday and they've been negative Tuesday and Wednesday. I will test again today. What I know: I only started to have clear CM today (none before today), I've tested negative on OPK's so far and this predicted ovulation date was solely based on BBT. AND we did BD twice in the predicted fertile window, so that's good if it ends up being my O. Anyway, have you experienced this? Do you think we still have a chance this month? Thank you! We have faith that we will conceive one day, it's just setbacks like this make us so discouraged.