Small Baby 😢

Hello ladies I'm 34 weeks and due sept 26th my baby has been measuring small, her head circumference , abdominal and over all weight. I had an ultrasound 3 weeks ago and Naomi was doing good she was 3lbs 7oz I was 31 weeks at that time. Her abdominal circumference meausured right at 5.3% which was borderline her head circumference was 2.3% she is healthy and functioning the way she need to she's is just small. I Had another Ultrasound yesterday and in 3 weeks she's only gain 6oz she is 3lbs 13 oz she should be over 4lbs  smh. I eat good and have gained 23lbs so far. The doctor said is she doesn't at least grow 1/2lb by the 31 they are going to induce me then I'll be 36 weeks if she does they will wait to induce me the following week. I was born premie at 2lbs 1oz and the doctor said that maybe why she's not growing that much they said I may not be able to carry big babies. This is my first pregnancy. Has anybody experienced anything like this what do you all think I'm nervous about taking her out early but is she's growing to slow I'd rather have her out and then let her grow. She's already head down so I should be able to have a natural birth.