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Can someone please help me?

So me and DH have not been trying but have not been preventing it either. We want to see if we get pregnant naturally.

Anyways, I took two .88 Walmart tests on 8/10 and 8/12, both negative. Then on 8/13 I got what I thought was my period, but it was brown and very light. Usually I get pretty heavy periods but then on Monday 8/14 it was gone! I had light light LIGHT (like super faint) brown discharge after that until Tuesday 8/15.

When I noticed that the bleeding/spotting was gone Monday, I started researching , I thought maybe it was actually implantation bleeding on Sunday?

I took one Clearblue test (picture 1, first test) on 8/14 (after work around 4:30pm) and it came up with a super faint line, but I could see it for sure. Then I took another that same night at 9pm (picture 1, second test)and got another faint positive!

On 8/15 I took another Clearblue (Picture 2) with FMU and it was another faint positive! But then I took a Walmart .88 test at lunch and it was completely negative. Then I went home and took a FRER and it was negative as well.

This morning (8/17) I took another Walmart .88 test with FMU and it was negative. Then took a Clearblue (picture 3) with same FMU and it was a faint line… No need for squinting or anything…. How could it be possible to get 4 faint lines on a ClearBlue but none on Pink Dye??? Can you see the faint lines? (sorry didn't take pictures of negatives because they were completely obvious negatives..)

I am super irregular with my periods but always have a heavy flow until last day and it usually lasts 4 days long. Is it possible that I had implantation bleeding and I am just testing too early? If it was implantation bleeding then I must have ovulated late and am estimating to be in between 10 to 16 DPO.