Honestly truly tell me if I'm wrong/being dramatic

Ally • u mother fricker

So my girlfriend is in the navy, and she just went on her first week long detachment since we've been together (a year) she told me before that she likes going on detachments. Well, I know why now..

She started not ignoring me, but taking longer to reply to my texts, not answering my calls, and drinking every night with her coworkers. I told her that her drinking every night would not be an option for me. Seeing as how she has me and our 2 year old son back home.

She told me last night while i called her crying that she "was BUSY playing cards" so I hung up..

She likes going on these detachments so she can drink every night basically.

Am I wrong for telling her I'm not okay with that? She said I'm controlling, hypocritical, and that she hates me. She also said that I'm wrong, and that I'm not justified. She blocked my number this morning. I called and asked "so you'd rather drink every night then respect my boundaries?" And she replied with "ok then don't talk to me" ?? Okay.

She never thinks she is wrong. I am always wrong. But I feel like it was okay to put my foot down and set boundaries. It was almost like she forgot she had a girlfriend and a family back home. We are already long distance until next month (when I move there) so?? I feel like maybe moving there isn't an option anymore after finding these things out.

If this isn't in the right group, I apologize in advance.