Asshole nurse and other things

Okay so My SO and I went out to a museum yesterday, which entailed quite a bit of walking. After a few hours I started having some issues, like back pain and slight cramping and feeling slightly nauseated. I also had a sharp pain in my cervix (like lightning crotch but deeper and more painful). I also lost a pretty big chunk of my mucus plug (sorry, it's gross but relevant). I called my OB clinic and since my doctor is out I talked to a nurse. She was really bitchy, like I had interrupted her day or something and when I asked her if she thought I should go in she said no because I wasn't bleeding and I shouldn't waste her time. Uh, what? You're literally there for this sort of thing! Sorry if I asked a dumb question but I was concerned. I am going to file a complaint because she was insanely rude. And I did go to the ER because i continued to have pain and the ER doctor suggested that my doctor keep an eye on me. I'm only 32 weeks.