Cycles messed up since loss... Feeling deflated

So I miscarried towards the end of April this year at 8 weeks. Yeah it was devastating but we decided to keep trying and hopefully we'd get our rainbow soon. We've been trying ever since and so far no luck. Before our loss my cycles were pretty regular and I never really had any pms symptoms apart from a few cramps and backache. But since my miscarriage my cycles are longer, irregular, and I'm having sooo many symptoms it's unreal. My boobs are sore, I get nausea, I get cramping a lot more. I have that many symptoms that each cycle I convince myself I'm pregnant. But of course it all ends up with BFN's. Has anyone else's cycles been messed up since their loss?? Or ate you having more pms symptoms?? I feel like I'm imagining it every month and that I'm just holding onto false hope. I'm just feeling a bit deflated and fed up, how are we supposed to know when to BD if my cycles are so messed up. Just really feeling low today 😔😔😔